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"Glas Slavonije" February 2, 2010 T.Levak


Branko Bobić: "Walls"

OSIJEK – The Varaždin artist Branko Bobić held his first exhibition in the year 1968; currently he introduced himself to the citizens of Osijek. The interesting exhibition of paintings from his cycle "Walls" was opened (Thursday, February 18) in the Club-Gallery Magis. 22 of Bobić's works were represented, all of them in the oil on canvas technique. "Bobić faced us with the space presentation by means of various objects like barrels, logs, paintings ... It is walls within the walls, interiors that open up within the exteriors", said art critic Vladimir Rismondo, following the recital appearance of the Sui Generis Trio. The exhibition was conducted by Mirna Šmit, student of culturology, and opened by Helena Sablić Tomić, literary scientist and dean of the Art Academy in Osijek. "We are very happy to welcome the artist who comes from a city whose river is the Drava, equally wide as it is here in Osijek", Helena Sablić Tomić pointed out. Owing to the fact that the painter is the father of Davor Bobić, vice-dean of the Art Academy, the opening of the exhibition was exceptionally well attended. "I was rather sceptical about the exhibition. When you arrive in a city for the first time you do not expect great attendance so that the turnout of the Osijek public was a pleasant surprise and the exhibition rooms were also fine", said the 66-year old Bobić.

February 18, 2010, 7:00 p.m.

CLUB-GALLERY MAGIS, Europska avenija, Osijek

Exhibition of paintings of the Varaždin painter Branko Bobić