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Trains from memory

The painter of Varaždin motifs, Branko Bobić, introduces to the public of his native city the cycle of paintings titled “Trains” in the Old and Contemporary Masters Gallery of the Municipal Museum. Bobić’s 25th individual exhibition of paintings was opened on Friday, October 19, by the Varaždin Mayor Dr. Ivan Čehok, and the exhibition can be viewed until November 11. Speaking at the opening of this exhibition, the arts critic, Damir Grubić, told the public that with his paintings Branko Bobić takes the viewers back into a somewhat forgotten time of steam engines and trains that are stored in the painter’s memory and – imagination. Street lamps, ramps, signals and rails, all of them settle down in the past and lost times, and the author does not aspire to their reconstruction but creatively revitalizes only what is essential. This painter has lived with the trains for years. They daily pass next to his family home, but Bobić has not moved modern trains onto his paintings but, as he says, the long-forgotten old trains. Only on one out of the 60 something exhibited paintings can we perceive a man’s figure. The author explains it with the fact that on his paintings he actually wants to escape from the turbulence that is always bound to the trains and so people failed to fit into his visions of trains, as a permanent theme of his painting. The critic Grubić emphasized that the painter Bobić with his new exhibition reached high artistic standards and a recognizable iconographic repertoire. Following the author’s statement, he has been engaged in painting for the period of 38 years. Though he has developed his love for painting in his young days, it was only after he retired that he could devote himself to painting to the extent he wished for earlier. The public was able to enjoy watching Bobić’s paintings at more than 60 collective exhibitions at home and abroad. He started exhibiting individually since the year 1980, when he prepared his first individual exhibition in the Varaždin Municipal Museum. Other exhibitions followed in Croatia, Slovenia, France, Switzerland, Slovakia and The Netherlands. Many outstanding Croatian art critics wrote about his painting. Next year, according to his personal announcement, Bobić is going to present to the public his new painting cycle. He is laboriously creating it in his study in the vicinity of the river Drava, however, at this moment he does not yet wish to divulge the theme of his painting preoccupations.


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